Advanced Wyckoff Course

Learn advanced concepts of the Wyckoff Method in a simple way

I will teach you unique concepts that will make you an expert in the Wyckoff methodology and take your analysis and trading to the next level.

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Best Wyckoff
Trading Course

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It is the right complement for those Wyckoff traders who have already learned the theoretical basics and want to take a leap in quality to their analysis and trade.

The course will teach advanced concepts to improve the analysis and trading of those traders who use price and volume analysis to trade in the financial markets.

It is composed of a series of modules which focus on each of the key points that make up a trading plan, so that the course content will help you define your strategy.

In addition, you will receive access to the Volume Profile Course, new content that will make you an expert in the use of the Volume Profile.

The combination of the Wyckoff Method + Volume Profile is the definitive step for the most demanding traders, and very few know the advantage that the correct combination of these two tools can bring.

Money-back guarantee

I am so confident that I will bring you tremendous value that I offer a full money back guarantee if you do not view more than 20% of the content.


You will have access to a premium Discord room to connect with other members of the community.


The course will be constantly updated and new valuable content will be added, such as the incorporation of the Volume Profile in our trading.

Permanent support

You will have direct contact with Rubén via email or Discord to solve all your doubts.

► Who is this course for?

This course has been created for traders who are familiar with the fundamentals of the Wyckoff Method. It is not a course for beginners.

► Why this course?

Quite simply because the subject is being taught incorrectly. The Wyckoff Method is not about establishing a robotic pattern and nothing more. The Wyckoff Method is way of understanding what is really happening in the market.

► What will you learn?

Based on the rules of logic and objectivity, you will learn to really understand the principles of the Wyckoff Method, as well as the real underlying advantage that it can offer.
All this from a practical point of view, using a multitude of examples that will help your understanding.

► Requirement

To get the most out of the course you should know the basics of the methodology, and ideally have studied my book "The Wyckoff Methodology in depth".
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Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course


My personal track record
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Some of my fundamental values are based on honesty, transparency and responsibility, and as proof of this, as well as to offer guarantees and confidence about the teachings that I can offer you, I show my personal track record, which already has a period of three years of duration.
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What do students think?

"It is an excellent course. Ruben treats each topic with incredible conceptual depth, but at the same time makes it all very easy to digest and apply.
Unlike many trading courses where they simply give you recordings of one or two hour sessions and you have to search and search to find the information you need, this course is broken down into short, concise, capsule videos that cover everything there is to know about the subject and are easy to refer back to when you have questions.
This course should cost more; it is really cheap. The application of its content is mainly reflected in the elevation of the quality of the operation.
100% recommended."
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Juan Domínguez, CO
"It is a very good and useful course. I wish it would increase in content. In a very good teacher and you do not regret making that investment in learning. And besides, you ensure honesty and transparency, as there are many sellers of smoke in this world of trading that then do not teach anything. And his books are highly recommended because they are so easy to read, they are literally study books that are 100% usable. Thank you Ruben for sharing your experience."
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Alberto Garrido, ES
"Thank you very much Ruben, knowing you has been for me a before and after in my life as a trader. Now I feel, after 4 years in this world, more confident in my operations and not only that, but I dare to comment and publish my ideas and graphics. A lot of security.
For me the course has been: A PERFECT BRIDGE, between your books and everyday trading.
To all my colleagues who are undecided, I advise them to make an effort and invest in the books and the course, since the results will multiply exponentially that investment.
Thanks again Ruben."
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Alfredo Oliva, AR
"A real blast!
If you are looking for courses on Wyckoff methodology, I don't think you will find anything better.
I had read 2 of his books, also recommended, but with the course I have strengthened my knowledge because his explanations are super clear.
You can tell he is not trying to sell you smoke and make you a millionaire... just understand the market and work in favor of it."
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Ignacio Pascual Sánchez, ES

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Advanced Wyckoff Course + Volume Profile

Price 699€
Approx. US$749

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Learn Wyckoff for real, from one of the most recognized international Wyckoff Method educators.

  • + 90 videos and 12 hours of content
  • + 800 slides
  • Completely in English
  • Instant access to all videos
  • Lifetime access
  • Updates
  • Money back guarantee
  • Private Discord
  • Permanent support
  • Volume Profile Course (Value 199€)

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About me

Trader based on technical analysis specialized in approaches that study the interaction between supply and demand through price and volume. 
More than 7 years of personal studies and research aimed at improving the interpretation of the chart, which has allowed me to publish 3 books on this subject and become a reference in the analysis approach known as Wyckoff methodology. 
My courses are based on objectivity and innovation, which are particularly important in a discretionary discipline that never stops advancing.
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